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A Concise Guide to Algebra 1

cover imageA Concise Guide to Algebra 1, Second Edition summarizes concepts and problems typically covered in Middle and High School Algebra 1. Each chapter contains clearly written explanations of concepts alongside step-by-step methods for problem solving and numerous examples. Practice problems and a complete answer key are provided. This book is suitable for use as a classroom text, for home-school students, and as a reference when taking or reviewing Algebra 1.

I am a math teacher and tutor with 20 years of Middle School and High School classroom teaching experience. As a classroom teacher I taught courses ranging from 6th grade mathematics and science to AP Calculus. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Physics (University of Virginia, 1978) and a Master of Teaching degree (University of Virginia, 1996).

The second edition of my text A Concise Guide to Algebra 1 is due for publication on or before January 2, 2015.  This new edition contains expanded material, a reorganized sequence and structure, additional problems, a complete index, and more.